Foil Baked Fish


Easy & flavorful way to cook fish.

Here, I chose flounder. I often cook tilapia, Maui Maui, or tuna as well.

Season with garlic, lemon, black pepper, turmeric, paprika, oregano, and a little olive oil.

Place fish and any other veggies on a piece of foil. Fold.

Bake at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes or until it flakes off with touch.



Juicing… Here we go!


Day 1/3 of my juicing cleanse has come to an end.

I'm following a program I found online. 3 days of juicing only, along with vitamins and omega 3.

I put the ingredients in my blender for this one instead of my juicer, so it's a little thicker than it should be. Still very good.

Kale, cucumber, green apple, pineapple, coconut water, flax seed, & lemon.

Not quite the same as a big steak, but it will have to do for now.


What’s Your Favorite?

Hey, I’d like to know what you think!

Questions, comments, what recipes you’d like to see more of…

Happy voting,



Protein Cake with a Zucchini Twist


Experimenting with protein bars, muffins, and cakes is always fun & delicious!

I took Jamie Eason’s pumpkin protein recipe and used zucchini instead of pumpkin.

I shredded & chopped 1 medium zucchini, with 2 scoops of Jay Robb’s vanilla egg white protein powder. Also in this recipe: oat flour, coconut sugar, cinnamon, ginger, clove, egg whites, vanilla, and almond milk.

Similar to carrot cake, and so good!

P.S. Gluten, dairy, & artificial sugar free!


Quinoa & Edamame


I love edamame! With salt, on salads, or even in this quinoa dish.

I cooked the quinoa in low sodium chicken stock.

I added chopped red pepper, edamame, black pepper, and adobo seasoning after the quinoa was finished cooking.

Mix it together & let it all sit in the pot (with the cover on) for a few minutes.

Great as a side dish, in an omelet, on a bed of spinach…


The Bodybuilder’s Favorite Meatballs


Simple, healthy, and protein packed. Some of the best perks of these balls.

Oh, and they’re also delicious!

Lean ground turkey, oats, 1 egg, 2 egg whites, salsa, onion, garlic, chili powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper, turmeric, & Italian seasoning!

Pretty much any spice in these will come out good, it just depends on the flavor you’re going for. To make it more Thai and less Italian, try some ginger!

I also love to add chopped red or green pepper and a little oil.

Cook on greased baking sheet in the oven, 450 for 15 minutes.

Great on their own as a snack, or in pasta, or on salads…


Jamie Eason Chocolate Protein Bar




I’ve been taking some time off from cooking, I apologize! It’s been a busy few weeks.

I whipped up a batch of Jamie Eason’s chocolate protein bars this morning. I’ve heard her recipes are good and I thought I would try my own.

Instead of brown sugar, I used coconut sugar. But any natural source of sweetness would work.

I also used unsweetened Vermont applesauce instead of baby food.

These came out very good, and tasted similar to chocolate cake! I had a few after my workout with almond butter.


Mother’s Benedict


This incredibly eye-appealing breakfast was also delicious!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, as well as the other strong women out there. 🙂

Homemade biscuits using Pamela’s mix (mix, almond milk, coconut butter).

Hollandaise sauce: egg yolks, paprika, lemon juice, sea salt, black pepper. Whisk in pot over simmering water, and slowly add melted coconut oil or olive oil. Be careful not to cook the eggs!

The best part of this breakfast were the egg and bacon cups.

Heat oven to 400 degrees. Grease muffin tins with olive oil. Cook turkey bacon 50% and let cool.

Wrap inside of the muffin tins with bacon (in a circle). I added chopped spinach before I cracked the egg inside the bacon circle. Cook for about 20 minutes.

In this photo, I poured the egg whites that weren’t used for the sauce right into the bacon cup (instead of a full egg). Either method works!

Put it all together. Top with avocado and tomato.

Have a wonderful Sunday,


P.S. This dish is Paleo (gluten and dairy free!)

Taco Bowl


One of my favorite meals of all time.

Ground turkey, cooked in garlic and onion. With red pepper, adobo seasoning, and a little bit of coconut aminos.

This goes with brown rice (with basil and scallions), chopped tomato, lettuce, guacamole and salsa.

Great with tortilla chips.


Vegan Protein Brownies


I’ve always wanted to make brownies with black beans, and you can’t even tell the difference!

These are easy to make, just black beans, raw honey, unsweetened cocoa, and Tera’s organic chocolate whey protein.

Out of the oven, they seemed dry. But the next day, super moist and so good! Definitely hits the sweet spot.

Added benefit? About 20 grams protein per square. has tons of fantastic recipes for black bean or chickpea brownies. I love all of her stuff!