Addicted to the Grill

Marinated & pounded chicken in a spicy BBQ rub with olive oil and lemon.

Grilled to perfection zucchini boats and a salad on the side.

Red peppers, cucumber, baby spinach and arugula. Bragg pomegranate dressing.



Gotta love summer.


A Colorful Cleanse

After a long and stressful week full of traveling and poor food choices, this beautiful & light salad sure helped give reprieve to my poor stomach.


A much needed cleanse!

Lettuce, cukes, carrot, edamame, and Applegate farms turkey breast.


My Daily Salad


I make it a goal to have a salad every day, and to also try and use vegetables in my refrigerator that could serve as delicious toppings. My salads usually end up bigger than planned, but still so good! This one features baby spinach, radishes, cucumber, carrots, tomato, and two hard-boiled eggs for a complete protein. I usually use my favorite Bragg’s vinaigrette or I top it with a little oil and vinegar.